Calacatta Botanica Polished Quartz


Description: A soft white polished sink with light gray veining making it an elegant modern take on timeless marble.

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* Colors shown are for representation only, actual product may vary.

Designer: Sokul Surfaces

Category: Bathroom Sinks

Style: Contemporary

Collection: Floating Sinks

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Cabinet Mount Ramp | 37”Wx22”Dx2.3”H, Cabinet Mount Ramp | 49”Wx22”Dx2.3”H, Cabinet Mount Ramp | 61”Wx22”Dx2.3”H, Oval Undermount | 29”Wx22”Dx5”H, Oval Undermount | 37”Wx22”Dx5”H, Oval Undermount | 49”Wx22”Dx5”H, Oval Undermount | 61”Wx22”Dx5”H, Ramp Sink | 25”Wx18”Dx5”H, Ramp Sink | 29”Wx22”Dx5”H, Ramp Sink | 37”Wx22”Dx5”H, Ramp Sink | 49”Wx22”Dx5”H, Ramp Sink | 61”Wx22”Dx5”H, Ramp Vessel | 25”Wx17.75”Dx3”H, Rectangle Undermount | 29”Wx22”Dx5”H, Rectangle Undermount | 37”Wx22”Dx5”H, Rectangle Undermount | 49”Wx22”Dx5”H, Rectangle Undermount | 61”Wx22”Dx5”H